Police commands

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Police commands

Post by Perm on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:50 am

1) police sign in at the station in order to go on duty

2) command to spawn police vehicles after on duty

3) police should be able to see player vehicle speed and plate #

4) command to check vehicle plate with a data base to confirm if it is player owned or stolen

5) command to check player ID with a criminal database

6) command to issue tickets

7) command to issue bill to the state if tickets are not able to be paid

Cool command to sentence players to prison for various periods of time

9) when police go on duty outfit them with body armor, baton, taser, pistol, shotgun, and carbine. instruction and training will determine on when each should be used.

10) command to search players inventory

11) command to drag handcuffed suspects

12) command to insert/ remove handcuffed suspects from vehicles


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