20/04/2017 Updates

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20/04/2017 Updates

Post by DeathFatality on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:14 pm

20/04/2017 Updates List

  • Added the bank, stand inside the bank and /withdraw /deposit to use it.
  • Added transferring money, /givemoney to transfer from wallet, /transfer to transfer from bank account (must be near the player)
  • Added welfare cheque
  • Added not instantly respawning on death, must either wait for EMS or use /respawn to respawn (if you respawn you will lose the money you are holding)
  • Garbage truck job added
  • Prostitution job added
  • Custom cars added to vehicle shop
  • Job centre to sign into a job (TEMPORARY)

Note: If you use the F10 character models/custom character you will turn back into Michael upon death (you will be invisible for others) Please use F10 to revert back to your character while in the death state.

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